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WriteNote Pro

3.35 usd

WriteNote Pro is only for quickly and easily writing note to Evernote.WriteNote Pro is append a memo to note.
You can write a note be added to each day if you set the date in the note name.This can also automatically record the time of writing.You can easily select from multiple note settings.
Normally, when you press the send button, WriteNote is terminated, send a note of Evernote in the background.By press and hold the send button, it is also possible to post a note in succession.
You can attach the image.When you select an image, Button at the bottom left is green. you press and hold this button, deselect the image.
It is also possible to add a note of the location information to the location where you fill in the notes.
It is also possible to start the WriteNote from the Share menu.
Noto save to the terminal when the network can not be used. Save note is sent the next startup.
This is useful to write a diary and short memo to Evernote.
Evernote account is required.
Detailed directions for use should look at